Der Client

The UnbloKK Assistant

Our UnBloKK Assistant provides you with the following features:

Web Browser


With UnbloKK Web Browser you can call websites, content, and services with country restrictions via the Geo Proxy feature. UnBloKK contains well known browsers which are started immediately and encrypted in private mode. The user's identity is kept confidential and is protected by geo-proxy functionality!

App Center


The UnBloKK App Center contains useful apps for secure communication. UnBloKK also encrypts the communication channels and safeguards the user's identity. The apps can be run directly from a USB flash drive without being installed on a PC.

Games Center


UnbloKK Portable Games provides you with a continuously growing collection of online games. In the UnbloKK Games Center you will find preconfigured and unblocked online games.

Video Cache


The UnBloKK Video Cache does automatically detect embedded videos in web pages, which are safe and easy to download. Moreover, the download of these videos is provided. With the 1-click function downloads can be started and videos can be saved at any location.

Geo Proxy

The Geo-Proxy function allows you to unlock Internet contents which are blocked on the basis of geographical restrictions.